Korean nightlife and Gangnam full salon in Seoul

Gangnam Full Salon is a Korean entertainment bar. Here, people mainly enjoy whiskey and champagne,
as well as company dinners, entertainment, and social gatherings with colleagues. I am visiting.

Gangnam’s full salon culture

Koreans often visit 강남풀싸롱 There is a variety of alcohol menus, delicious snacks, and exciting music here.
This place is usually open from early evening until late at night. There are hundreds of visitors per day, especially
There are larger crowds on weekends. Koreans, even from rural areas, flock to Gangnam on weekends to enjoy full salons.
The popularity of this place shows no signs of slowing down and is growing in popularity every day.

Where is Full Salon in Gangnam?

Full Salon is located in the center of Gangnam. It is mainly located around large stations with very large crowds of people, such as Gangnam Station, Yeoksam Station, and Seolleung Station.
It is more accessible and can be conveniently used by public transportation even from afar. In addition, a business called Full Salon is located in the Gangnam area. If customers do not have a vehicle, we may provide a pick-up service using a pick-up driver.

What is an event?

강남야구장‘s representative daily event is that if you enter before 8 p.m., the price of basic alcohol is reduced by half.
In addition, winners of various singing and dancing events will receive various prizes and various benefits.

Full Salon’s various services

Full salons are usually located in the basement of large hotels. After visiting the full salon and having a good time, most customers move to the hotel to enjoy a spa and massage. I enjoy leisure activities such as watching movies. Koreans often spend their leisure time playing, eating, and staying at hotels on the weekends, called hotel stays. There is also a massage shop where professional masseuses reside here to help you relieve the fatigue of everyday life, and you can also enter the sauna and hot spring bath within the hotel. And in the morning, you spend the remaining time with the hotel’s breakfast service, and it ends with you checking out.

Age groups of customers visiting the full salon

Customers who visit full salons are generally between the ages of 30 and 50. The reason is that the prices are cheaper than regular bars, and the way to enjoy it is also different. This is because the price may be a bit burdensome for young people to enjoy. People in their 30s to 50s who are socially established visit the most, and they often visit Gangnam’s There are also cases where wealthy customers in their 20s enter.

What are the ways to visit a full salon?

read more has managers assigned to each table. This is a place where managers attract customers through their personal sales activities, and before visiting,
You can contact your manager first and then make a reservation and visit. For foreigners who come to Korea to visit, they can use a travel guide.
There are ways to visit.

What is the difference from a regular karaoke bar?

The difference between a 역삼풀싸롱 and a regular karaoke room is that this place has many differences from regular karaoke rooms, such as a luxurious interior, more expensive menus, and friendlier service. This is a place where customers who have achieved a certain level of social success enter through membership, and are provided with a private space for personal meetings and friendly service from managers. It is also often used as a place for entertainment, and Korean celebrities and influencers occasionally visit. The main alcohol sold is high-priced alcohol such as high-end whiskey and champagne. Because it is provided, it is different from a typical karaoke bar.


Gangnam’s full salon, which makes special days even more special, makes Gangnam’s nights shine even more spectacularly because of this place. Personal information is guaranteed here, It is a special place that is available through membership and includes a variety of high-quality alcoholic beverages, luxurious rooms, and hotel services.