Reasons Why Indofil Industries Ltd Is One Of The Best Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Driven by the “Crop Care Concept” in the agriculture business and fostering the three ‘T’ transparency, togetherness and trust, Indofil Industries Limited is a fungicide giant in the agricultural chemical industry. Known for producing a range of fertilisers and agrochemicals that are designed to enhance soil health and crop productivity. In this blog, we will discuss why the company has gained a reputation as one of the best agriculture chemical manufacturing companies.  

Incorporated in 1962 as a subsidiary of Rohm and Haas Company, US, Indofil Industries Ltd. is a fully integrated, multi-product chemicals company. The company has expertise in the manufacturing, distributing, and marketing of agrochemicals and speciality chemicals. In 1985, the company merged with a listed company known as Modipon Limited (MPL) and operated as a division of MPL till 2006. 

Thus, in 2007, the company separated from MPL and transferred to Indofil Organic Industries Limited (IOIL). Then in 2010, IOIL was renamed Indofil Industries Limited (Indofil). Today, Indofil Industries Ltd. is counted among the leading agro-chemical companies in India. As per Indofil’s financial report on 30 March 2022, the company’s revenue was over INR 500 CR, and the total net worth of the company increased by 9.16% and EBITDA by 85.64%. Check out the Indofil Industries Unlisted Share Price today to diversify your investment portfolio.  

The Thriving Business Model Of Indofil Industries Ltd

As one of the best agrochemicals and speciality chemical companies, Indofil Industries has consistently focused on producing sustainable and innovative solutions. They focus on prioritising customers’ demands and minimising the environmental impact of their solutions. As the company has been thriving since its inception, 88% of its revenue comes from agrochemicals, and the rest of the 12% comes from the innovative solution division, speciality performance chemicals. Further, the company has three manufacturing plants nestled in Dahej, Gujarat, with a combined production capacity of 1,10,600 tonnes. 

The best thing is that the company derives around 55% of its revenue from India. At the same time, the rest of the business comes from international markets such as Bangladesh, Europe, Brazil, and the Philippines. In FY21, the revenue from both domestic and international markets crossed Rs.1000 crores. These financial stats of the company makes Indofil Industries’ unlisted shares worthy of investment. 

An Advanced Solution Provider Of Innovative Products 

Indofil Industries Ltd. offers advanced solutions and innovative products to various industries like leather, textile, paints, plastic, and construction chemicals. The company is also successful in strategically marketing insecticides, including Fungicides, Bactericides, Herbicides, Surfactants, Acaricides, and Plant Growth Regulators. The company is driven by the ‘core care concept’ in agriculture. Additionally, the company’s long and successful past ensures customers that it will continue to be a valued partner in the future. According to the IBEF report, the Indian chemical market is expected to reach $ 304 Bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 9.3%. Indofil Industries will contribute to the given data with its innovative solutions and products. 

A Strong Global Presence 

Indofil Industries Ltd. has a robust domestic base and a well-recognised international presence. The company has an export presence in more than 120 countries as a supplier of Mancozeb formulations. The company has also built a robust network of 4350 distributors and over 44000 retailers in 120+ countries with a reach of 10.5 lac farmers. No wonder the company has strengthened its market share by expanding its footprints and penetration in the key markets of Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America Countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, which helps eradicate the risk of diversification. If you want to invest in Indofil Industries Ltd unlisted shares, you need to connect with the best-unlisted share broker in India

Additionally, cutting-edge technology, in-house product development expertise, and the robust brand quality of the company allow them to be the cock of the walk in this industry. Also, the company is in a joint venture with China-based Shanghai Baijin Group as  the manufacturer of Carbon Sulphide (CS2). In 2019, Indofil acquired a major stake in Agrowin Biosciences, a crop protection and plant nutrient company based in Milan, Italy. 

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